Where we learn how haute couture doesn’t just apply to clothes.

A brilliant couturier, unbeknownst to his clients, always sews a thread and a secret phrase in the folds of the clothes to maintain an intimate relationship between himself and the splendid creations that came out of his atelier. An impeccable and professional butler is so totally dedicated to taking care of his master and his elegant and noble residence that he even forgets to live.

To offer truly “tailored” advice, updated and cured in every detail.

A five-star incognito chef suddenly reveals to his appalled employers all the art, skill and passion that lie behind his work, preparing an extraordinary and unforgettable dinner that will transform the soul of the guests.

Three unforgettable characters, respectively protagonists of “Phantom thread”, “The remains of the day” and “Babette’s Feast”. Three guiding films, inspired by atmospheres full of charm, beauty, absolute love for their work and professionalism brought to excellence. La Casa di Babette is all of this,

a world of creativity and skills at the complete service of customers or in support of professionals on specific aspects of their projects, to offer truly “tailored” advice, updated and cured in every detail.

Our areas of interest are manifold: furnishing fabrics, interior and exterior curtains, wall coverings, upholstery, rugs, household linens, tableware and kitchenware.

All the proposals come from topof- the-range suppliers and can be customized as desired or made ad hoc.

Particular attention is paid to environmental sustainability, with a dedicated line of organic natural fibers and a controlled supply chain production.